Morrison's Extractors

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Morrison's Extractors was a gang of pirates founded by "King" Hopper Morrison sometime in the mid-3040s.


Originally composed of former Black Warriors MechWarriors hailing from the Circinus Federation, Morrison and the rest of his unit rebelled and left the Black Warriors after finding a cache of Star League-era 'Mechs and weaponry while on a deep-space raiding mission near the borders of the Rim Collection and Lyran Commonwealth.[1][2]

After rebelling, Morrison led his men to a pair of planets capable of supporting life, which Morrison named Pain and The Rack. On these planets, Morrison built up a base from which he could launch raiding parties into Lyran and Collection space. Eventually each world was garrisoned by a regiment's worth of pirates. The single largest group of soldiers came from Simonson's Cutthroats. These two regiments were largely equipped with good equipment, only a company of each regiment used Succession Wars era technology.[3][2] The Federated Commonwealth issued a call for mercenaries to hunt down and destroy the Extractors after the pirates began raiding Timbuktu (a trading hub and source of Germanium) frequently. The FedCom also offered the support of the 11th Arcturan Guards RCT to finish off the Extractors.[4]

The Extractors were responsible for destroying two battalions of Simonson's Cutthroats in 3056.[5]

Although initially successful, a sizable percentage of the Extractors were destroyed by the mercenary unit Able's Aces[6] in 3062[7] after a series of botched raids on Rim Collection territory, and the planet Pain was liberated from their control.[2]

It is unclear to what degree the remaining Extractors were an operational unit but they had enough manpower and resources to mount a raid on the New India Parts Depot in September 3065.[8]

Game Rules[edit]


Morrison's Extractors possess the Overrun Combat and Banking the Initiative special abilities. They aren't skilled at countering AeroSpace units however: All Extractors have a +1 to hit penalty to hit any enemy AeroSpace unit. AeroSpace units targeting the Extractors receive a -1 to hit bonus.[9]


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