Nathaniel Hasek

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At Age 76 in 3076

Nathaniel Hasek (born 3000[1] - died 14 June 3080[2]) was the commander of the Capellan March within the Federated Suns during the latter years of the Jihad.[1]


Born in 3000, as a member of the ruling family of the Capellan March, Nathaniel had the connections to command a prestigious unit such as the 5th Syrtis Fusiliers. His loyalties shifted with the time, and with the death of his cousin he supported all the new developments from Hanse Davion and was given command of the March after the death of his precedessor. During the reign of George Hasek Nathaniel didn't support any faction and waited to see what happened. After the disastrous invasion by the Taurian Concordat he founded the Syrtis Avengers and some speculated that he instituted the movement against the rule of Duchess Angela Hasek.[1]

On the 5th of May 3080 Nathaniel, now a Field Marshal, began Operation MATADOR, the AFFS campaign to reclaim the various worlds the Concordat forces had captured since initiating their invasion of the Capellan March. It was during Operation MATADOR that Nathaniel was killed, ambushed by the Taurian Defense Force on Ridgebrook on the 14th of June, less than six weeks after the beginning of combat operations.[2]



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