Nekkar Skye Province Militia

Nekkar Skye Province Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3062)
Parent Formation Skye Province Militia
Formed 3043


Formed shortly after the creation of the Federated Commonwealth, the Nekkar Skye Province Militia hasn't seen much action.

During the FedCom Civil War the Nekkar SPM declared its support for the Free Skye Movement. Despite this they didn't engage in any military actions, but their supply depots were frequently raided by "unknown forces". As they didn't engage in hostile actions, they escaped reprimand but the Lyran Intelligence Corps assigned several observers to examine the unit.[1]

The Nekkar SPM didn't participate directly in the Jihad, but after that conflict ended an entire battalion of the unit was transferred to the 17th Skye Rangers to help rebuild that unit.[2] In 3079 they moved from their homeworld to garrison Alkaid.[3] By 3085 however, they had returned to Nekkar.[4]


In 3050 the commander was Leftenant General Isabella Held.[5] She was still in command in 3067, but held the rank of Colonel.[6] In 3085 she was still in command.[4]


The unit struggles be maintain basic proficiencies due to its budget issues. Thus has no known tactics it employs.[7]

Composition History[edit]


Nekkar Syke March Militia (Green/Questionable)[5]

  • CO: Leftenant General Isabella Held


Nekkar Syke March Militia (Green/Questionable) [8]

  • CO: Leftenant General Isabella Held



Aerospace (1 Wing)

Armor Brigade

Infantry Brigade

  • 4 Regiments
    • CO: Leutnant-Colonel Julius Reynard-Steiner


Nekkar Syke March Militia (Green/Questionable)[6]

  • CO: Colonel Isabella Held[6]


The unit found itself reduced to 55% of its official strength.[2]


The unit was back up to 60% strength in 3085.[4]



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