17th Skye Rangers

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Seventeenth Skye Rangers RCT
Unit Profile (as of 3065)
Nickname The Boys of Summer
Parent Formation Skye Rangers


Succession Wars[edit]

The Seventeenth Skye Rangers were stationed on New Kyoto in 2765. They were raised on Summer at the same time as the 16th Skye Rangers. At the time of their formation the unit had more men than women, which gave them their nickname. The LCAF High Command also made sure to rotate the unit back to Summer every few years.[1][1]

In 2893 the Seventeenth defended Skye from a DCMS attack. They infiltrated Bannockburn Bogs to ambush the Kuritan forces and drove them off world.[2] Some time in the Third Succession War the Seventeenth engaged in a two day duel with the 1st Regulan Hussars.[3]

Clan Invasion[edit]

The entire unit was destroyed during the Clan Invasion.[4] The Seventeenth fought valiantly on Barcelona and Black Earth, but they sustained heavy losses against Clan Jade Falcon. The unit was able to withdraw from Barcelona only because a JumpShip captain disobeyed orders. The withdrawal forced the Seventeenth to leave most of their supporting infantry and armor brigades behind however. This pointless waste of their RCT caused many of the survivors to develop a pro-Free Skye stance. The unit retained their combat effective status, but then the LAAF High Command transferred most of their skilled officers and soldiers to other units to break up the "disloyal" troops who were pro-Free Skye. The LAAF High Command then used the Seventeenth as a dumping ground for soldiers who were discipline cases, held pro-Victor loyalties, or petty criminals.[5]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

During the FedCom Civil War, the Seventeenth Skye Rangers were pro-Victor. They were defeated on Lost and their remains tried to join Victor's task force on York. However General Maria Esteban pulled a political trick and talked Robert Kelswa-Steiner into ordering the Seventeenth to return to Skye instead.[citation needed]

In 3065, the Fourth Skye Rangers, the Seventeenth Skye Rangers, the Twenty-second Skye Rangers and the Thirty-second Lyran Guards tried to conquer Hesperus II, but were beaten back by the Gray Death Legion, Fifteenth Lyran Guards and Thirty-sixth Lyran Guards. The Skye forces had to surrender.[6]

Republic Era[edit]

The Seventeenth were gifted to the Republic of the Sphere by LAAF, for the creation of the RAF[7]


In 3025 the unit is commanded by Colonel Bruce LaBlonc.[8]

As of 3059 Colonel Karl Prafol assumed the command of the unit, and he was still the commanding officer in 3062.[5]


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Composition History[edit]

Seventeenth Skye Rangers (Regular/Questionable)[1]


Seventeenth Skye Rangers (Elite/Questionable)[8]

  • CO: Colonel Bruce LaBlonc


Seventeenth Skye Rangers (Elite/Questionable)[9]


Seventeenth Skye Rangers (Elite/Questionable)[10]


Seventeenth Skye Rangers (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[5]

  • CO: Colonel Karl Prafol


In 3050, prior to being destroyed by the Clans, it was considered an Elite unit.


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