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The Lyran Alliance Armed Forces, also known by the unfortunate acronym of LAAF, is the military arm of the Lyran Alliance. Formed from Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth's Lyran State Command, the LAAF promotes a return to the military and tactical style of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces.

Command Structure[edit]

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Units of the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces[edit]

The bulk of the LAAF TOE consists of pre-existing LCAF units who returned home upon the break-away of the Alliance from the Federated Commonwealth, though a small number of new and renamed formations exist. Only BattleMech or mixed units are listed below - associated conventional assets are considered attached to these commands for convenience.

Active Corps[edit]

These brigades are active as of 3079.[1]

Alliance Guards[edit]

Main article: Alliance Guards

To help promote nationalist feelings in the newly formed Lyran Alliance, those Federated Commonwealth Corps RCTs stationed in the Lyran half of that former state were renamed under the banner of the Alliance Guards.

Alliance Jaegers[edit]

Insignia of the Alliance Jaegers
Main article: Alliance Jaegers

Founded in the wake of the formation of the Lyran Alliance, the Alliance Jaegers were an effort to boost Lyran nationalism, with a Jaeger unit for each of the original provinces of the Lyran Commonwealth.[2]

Arcturan Guards[edit]

Insignia of the Arcturan Guards
Main article: Arcturan Guards

The Arcturan Guards were the first Lyran national unit mustered to defend the nascent Lyran Commonwealth.

Donegal Guards[edit]

Insignia of the Donegal Guards
Main article: Donegal Guards

The Donegal Guards predate the formation of the Lyran Commonwealth. Originally the defensive force of the Protectorate of Donegal, the Donegal Guards are a large and well supplied unit, mostly because the Protectorate of Donegal was not ravaged by the Succession Wars. The Donegal Guards fight with dogged determination. At its zenith, the brigade numbered 20 BattleMech regiments and an additional 80 regiments of conventional forces.

Lyran Guards[edit]

Insignia of the Lyran Guards
Main article: Lyran Guards

The Lyran Guards were the second Lyran brigade mustered after the formation of the Lyran Commonwealth. Unlike the Arcturan Guards, the Lyran Guards recruited its soldiers from across the Commonwealth, and, second only to the Royal Guards, is the most prestigious commission in the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces. At its zenith prior to the Clan Invasion, the Lyran Guards numbered some 60 regiments, 14 of them being 'Mech units.[citation needed]

Lyran Regulars[edit]

Insignia of the Lyran Regulars
Main article: Lyran Regulars

Originally a Lyran national brigade (mustered, disbanded and remustered) used for hopeless missions, the Lyran Regulars were raised from Lyran veterans, hired mercenaries, the remnants of the Rim Worlds Republic Military, and the remnants of the SLDF which remained in Lyran space. The Lyran Regulars lack patronage, and specialize in tactics considered "unorthodox" within the LAAF. As such, the Lyran Regulars are the only brigade lacking a political agenda. The modern Lyran Regulars are basically a training cadre, and are poorly equipped.

Royal Guards[edit]

Insignia of the Royal Guards
Main article: Royal Guards

The Lyran Royal Guards are the best equipped and most prestigious brigade within the LAAF, but mostly serve as the protectors of the Lyran government. Each unit within the Royal Guards recruits by invitation only from soldiers of a particular parent state, meaning that each of the Royal Guards regiments represents the pinnacle of military prowess for either the Protectorate of Donegal, the Federation of Skye, or the Tamar Pact. The Royal Guards are also tasked with the protection of the Archon or Archon-Designate, and the Triad. In fact, the BattleMechs that stand constant garrison over the Lyran throne room are elements of the 1st Royal Guards.

Skye Rangers[edit]

Insignia of the Skye Rangers
Main article: Skye Rangers

Originally the army of the Federation of Skye, where the Skye Rangers were once synonymous with courage and resolution, many in the LCAF and LAAF see them as divisive for their ties and support of Skye independence movements like Free Skye. The Skye Rangers have maintained close ties to its parent state, recruiting almost exclusively from the Federation. As such, the unit frequently sides with the Duke of Porrima, not the Archon. Therefore, the brigades loyalties are questionable.

Training Units[edit]

Regional Militias[edit]

All Militias use pale blue with region-specific highlights. Derived from the March Militia system used during the time of the Federated Commonwealth, these RCTs are drawn from the best of the militia troops from each world in their province or theater.

Province Militias[edit]

The Province Militias are the interior garrison forces of the LAAF. They take their name from the name of the Province's capital world.

The Alarion Province Militia is the regional militia command unit for the Alarion Province of the Lyran Alliance.

The Coventry Province Militia serves as the militia force for the Coventry Province.

The Bolan Province Militia serves as the militia force for the Bolan Province.

Main article: Skye Province Militia

The Skye Province Militia serves as the militia force for the Skye Province.

The Donegal Province Militia serves as the militia force for the Donegal Province. It currently lacks BattleMech regiments.

Theater Militias[edit]

The Theater Militias are militia units used to provide border defenses. Like the Province Militias, they take their name from the capital world of the theater that they're responsible for protecting.

The Timbuktu Theater Militia serves as the militia force for the Timbuktu Theater.

The Melissia Theater Militia serves as the militia force for the Melissia Theater.

The Cavanaugh Theater Militia serves as the militia force for the Cavanaugh Theater.

The Freedom Theater Militia serves as the militia force for the Freedom Theater.

The Arc-Royal Theater Militia serves as the militia force for the Arc-Royal Theater. It was formed from the Pandora Theater Militia after Pandora was lost.

Former Brigades[edit]

Tikonov Republican Guard[edit]

Insignia of the Tikonov Republican Guard

Formed from the remnants of the CCAF stationed within the former Tikonov Commonality, the Tikonov Republican Guard was the garrison of the Tikonov Free Republic. When the TFR joined the Federated Commonwealth after the assassination of Lord Pavel Ridzik, the Republican Guard units were absorbed into the AFFC as part of the LCAF.[citation needed]

At their height, the Tikonov Republican Guards consisted of five regiments. One regiment was destroyed during Operation Guerrero, while another deserted. The remaining three regiments were destroyed in the FedCom Civil War.

Winfield's Brigade[edit]

Main article: Winfield's Brigade

Winfield's Brigade was designed by House Steiner as a mixed-weapon line unit. By 3025, the unit fielded two Battalions. Winfield's Brigade was destroyed during the first and second wave of Operation Revival by Clan Jade Falcon.

Tamar Cavaliers[edit]

insignia of Tamar Cavaliers
Main article: Tamar Cavaliers
Insignia of the Tamar Cavaliers
Tamar Cavaliers
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname The Archers
Parent Formation Skye Rangers, later Lyran Reserves
Formed 3058
Disbanded prior to 3133

The Tamar Cavaliers were a relatively new unit, constituted in 3058. Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner raised the unit from his own fortune, with the mandate of liberating Tamar Pact worlds from The Clans. The Cavaliers use a red and silver paint scheme.[3]

They were rebuilt following a disastrous defeat in 3070, but were destroyed again in the early 32nd century; as of 3145 the unit does not exist anymore.


The Tamar Cavaliers were formed by Duke Kelswa-Steiner as part of his Kelswa House Guard. They became an official unit in 3058, giving direct control over it to the newly formed LAAF High Command. The unit's loyalties were more to the Duke than to the Archon.

During the FedCom Civil War, the unit was integrated into the Skye Rangers brigade. This act put the unit more directly in command of Skye's authority. However, due to its loyalty to the former Tamar Pact, the unit could be relied on to remain on the Clan Jade Falcon border to defend what is left of their homeland. To the frustration of its commander, the command could not be part of Operation Audacity in 3063.[3][4]

Thanks to the influence of Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner, the Cavaliers received multiple Union-X DropShips from Shipil Company.[5]

As of 3067 the unit was based on the Lyran world of Tomans.[6]

In 3070 the Tamar Cavaliers fought the 4th Wolf Guards alongside the 6th Lyran Guards. The Tamar Cavaliers were completely wiped out by the Clan forces.[7]

The unit was later rebuilt as part of the Lyran Reserves. All military units built by Lyran nobles after the Jihad (like the Tamar Cavaliers) report to the LCAF High Command through the Lyran Reserves brigade. The rebuilt Tamar Cavaliers are split nearly evenly between new academy graduates and combat veterans. The Cavaliers run their troops through a two year cadre training course before transferring them to other commands.[8] In 3085 they were the garrison unit for Bountiful Harvest, ready to repel Clan Jade Falcon troops.[9]

At some point early in the 32nd century, implicitly prior to 3133, the Tamar Cavaliers were reportedly destroyed over the course of several tit-for-tat raids on the Clan border.[10] The unit does not exist anymore as of 3145.


As of 3062 to 3067, the commanding officer was Colonel Garrick Liddle.[3][6]

As of 3085 the commanding officer was Colonel Lenna Kelswa.[9]


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Composition History[edit]


Tamar Cavaliers (Regiment/Regular/Fanatical)[3][6]

  • CO: Colonel Garrick Liddle

343rd Tamar Heavy Armor (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[3][6]


Tamar Cavaliers (Green/Reliable)[9]

  • CO: Colonel Lenna Kelswa

Tamar Cavaliers Air (Wing/Green/Reliable)[9]



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Tamar March Militia[edit]

Main article: Tamar March Militia

During Operation Revival the Clans destroyed most of the Tamar March Militia (Often abbreviated TMM) units. With the loss of much of the Tamar Province to Clan Wolf and the destruction of the Federated Commonwealth, these units weren't reconstituted. Instead their equipment and troops were used to build up the Freedom Theater Militia and Arc-Royal Theater Militia.

Pandora Theater Militia[edit]

The Arc-Royal Theater Militia serves as the militia force for the Arc-Royal Theater. It was formed from the Pandora Theater Militia after Pandora was lost.

Military Academies[edit]

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The military academies of the Lyran Alliance in 3067 were:

Former ones were:

Training Cadres[edit]

Military Ranks[edit]

Most of the ranks of the LAAF are based on those of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces. There have been some slight changes to insignia, but the titles of the ranks remain the same.

For examples of the rank insignia, please see the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces Military Ranks article.

Lyran Alliance Standard Nomenclature[edit]

This of the LAAF's listing for Tank/Combat Vehicles and Infantry regiments. The lists shows the initials that they use to identify the type of formation they represent. Example: 8th Royal Tharkad LI(R). Which the LI(R) which means 8th Royal Tharkad Light Infantry (Regiment).[1]

Vehicle Type Formations[edit]

  • AB - Artillery Battalion
  • ABY - Artillery Battery
  • AG - Artillery Group
  • ATR - Artillery Regiment
  • AC(R) - Armored Cavalry (Regiment)
  • AG - Armored Grenadiers
  • AR - Armor Regiment
  • ARR - Armored Regiment
  • CR - Cavalry Regiment
  • CA - Combat Auxiliary
  • HA(R) - Heavy Armor (Regiment)
  • HAY - Heavy Artillery
  • LA(R) - Light Armor (Regiment)
  • LT - Light Tank
  • MG - Mounted Grenadiers
  • PR - Panzer Regiment
  • RR - Recon Regiment
  • SR - Scout Regiment
  • TR - Tank Regiment

Infantry Type Formations[edit]

  • AI - Armored Infantry
  • BAB - Battle Armor Battalion
  • CMR - Commando Regiment
  • FR - Front Recon
  • HI(R) - Heavy Infantry (Regiment)
  • IR - Infantry Regiment
  • JI(R) - Jump Infantry (Regiment)
  • JR - Jump Regiment
  • LI(R) - Light Infantry (Regiment)
  • MPR - Military Police Regiment
  • MDR - Mounted Rifles
  • MI(R) - Mechanized Infantry (Regiment)
  • MR - Mechanized Rifles
  • MRT - Mechanized Regiment
  • MTR - Motorized Regiment


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