Lyran Regulars

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Insignia of the Lyran Regulars
Lyran Regulars
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation LCAF/AFFC/LAAF
Formed unknown

Originally a Lyran national brigade (mustered, disbanded and remustered) used for hopeless missions, the Lyran Regulars were raised from Lyran veterans, hired mercenaries, the remnants of the Rim Worlds Republic Military, and the remnants of the SLDF which remained in Lyran space. The Lyran Regulars lack patronage, and specialize in tactics considered "unorthodox" within the LAAF. As such, the Lyran Regulars are the only brigade lacking a political agenda. The modern Lyran Regulars are basically a training cadre, and are poorly equipped.


The Lyran Regulars see themselves as the backbone of the LCAF, providing a capable, no-frills combat force that's more interested in getting the job done than playing the political games so common in the LCAF's upper echelons. After the Jihad ended most of the Lyran Regular units had more troops available than any other Lyran command, but these troops suffered from very low morale. The LCAF High Command saw them as reliable defensive units but was in no hurry to use them offensively.[1]

Their history as a defensive command was changed in Operation HAMMERFALL. The entire Regulars brigade was used during that attack, and though they initially were successful, the tides of war turned against them. The brigade lost four Lyran Regulars regiments to combat, and the rest of the Regulars were heavily damaged.[2]

Units of the Lyran Regulars[edit]


Color Schemes and Unit Insignia[edit]

The Lyran Regulars paint their equipment "drab green" (mottled between olive and pine green), with tan or khaki highlights.


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