Hendrik Grimm

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Character History[edit]

Early Life[edit]

Hendrik Grimm was considered a rising star in the LCAF and had earned fame at a young age as a battalion commander in the 3rd Lyran Guards. He was later diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder that would have required immediate treatment, and suffered from violent mood swings. His close ties to House Steiner prevented a court-martial on three occasions, however, and by 2829 he was a Colonel, commanding the 65th Lyran Regulars (Old One-Eyes).


Deployed in a Lyran offensive against the Free Worlds League on Graham IV, his regiment was cut off from supplies and reinforcements while facing defeat from a superior force of Marik Militia in or shortly after 2829. Grimm's paranoia led him to believe that he had been sent to hold an untenable position because his superiors wanted him dead. He even claimed that the reason for the plot was that he was the true heir to the Star League's throne.

Against explicit orders, he ordered the 65th Lyran Regulars to withdraw from Graham IV, effectively surrendering the planet to the League. House Steiner tried to strip him of his commands and reclaim as many troops and equipment as possible, ultimately declaring them renegade and placing a price on his head. The 65th Lyran Regulars managed to escape into the periphery largely intact and, sometime before 2855, settled on the warm temperate world of Oberon VI to found an bandit kingdom which would evolve into the Oberon Confederation that his descendants formed in 3012.[1]


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