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A Master Sergeant is typically a high ranking non-commissioned officer in a military force. Only those soldiers who are very experienced or very good reach this rank. Oftentimes a soldier will consider reaching this rank the pinnacle of their career.


In the SLDF a Master Sergeant was the highest ranking non-commissioned officer. Their duties and responsibilities were similar to those of a Sergeant Major. Soldiers had to spend at least four years in the SLDF to get to this rank. Master Sergeants usually commanded a company's best platoon. A 'Mech lance could be commanded by an experienced Master Sergeant.[1]

In the Second SLDF, the duties of a Master Sergeant remained the same. The Naval equivalent rank was Master Chief Petty Officer,[2] and was the rank held by the senior NCO aboard a JumpShip or WarShip.

The insignia used by Master Sergeants in the SLDF used the same shape, but the first SLDF insignia was green while the second SLDF insignia was black.[3][4]

SLDF Rank insignia
Rank Insignia (First SLDF)[5] Insignia (Second SLDF)[6]
Master Sergeant SLDF-MasterSergeant-1stSL.png SLDF-MasterSergeant-2ndSL.png

Lyran Commonwealth and Lyran Alliance[edit]

This rank isn't used in the LAAF. A Staff Sergeant Major is the senior NCO in a battalion. Most of their responsibilities are administrative instead of combat-related.[7]

LAAF Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Staff Sergeant Major StaffSergeantMajorLAAF.png

Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery[edit]

When Shiro Kurita founded the Draconis Combine, he established the rank system of the DCMS. After the BattleMech was invented, MechWarriors who didn't own their own 'Mechs were instructed to wear the Master Sergeant insignia, but they were addressed as "MechWarrior" instead of "Master Sergeant".[8]

After Theodore Kurita implemented his reforms of the DCMS, the rank of Master Sergeant was replaced by the Japanese term Shujin. Shujin wear a stylized katakana number "5" in lavender on a colored background appropriate to the wearer's branch.[9]

DCMS Officer Ranks by branch of service
DCMS Ranks DCA Ranks
Rank MechWarrior AeroSpace Fighter Infantry Armor Artillery Rank Naval Crew
Draconis Combine Admiralty
(Master Sergeant)
Shujin-mech.png Shujin-asf.png Shujin-infantry.png Shujin-armor.png Shujin-artillery.png Shujin
(Master Sergeant)
Shujin-naval.png Shujin-tech.png

Armed Forces of the Federated Suns[edit]

This rank isn't used by the AFFS. The nearest equivalent rank is Sergeant Major.

Capellan Confederation Armed Forces[edit]

In the CCAF, these soldiers are known as yi-si-ben-bing thanks to the reforms enacted by Sun-Tzu Liao as part of his Xin Sheng movement. Though translated as Master Sergeant, the duties and obligations of this rank make it more like the SLDF rank rather than the DCMS Master Sergeant rank.

CCAF Military Ranks
CCAF Rank Warrior House rank Insignia
(Master Sergeant)
N/A Yisibenbing.png

Free Worlds League[edit]

The FWLM identifies the senior NCO of a battalion as a Master Sergeant. Master Sergeants (and their naval counterparts, Senior Chief Petty Officers) wear three gold chevrons on a purple background as their rank insignia.[10]

FWLM Military Rank Insignia
Rank Insignia
Master Sergeant MasterSergeantFWL.png

The Clans[edit]

The Clans do not use this rank.

ComStar/Word of Blake[edit]

Due to their past as a pseudo-religous organization, members of the ComGuards and Word of Blake Militia don't use this rank. A senior Acolyte or junior Adept would fulfill the duties of a Master Sergeant.

Free Rasalhague Republic[edit]

The Kungsarme doesn't use this rank.

Periphery Powers[edit]

Magistracy of Canopus[edit]

The Magistracy Armed Forces don't use this rank. Instead NCO's at this level are known as Star Corporals.[11] Their rank symbol is a star set on the silver-edged diamond of a Volunteer.

Magistracy Armed Forces Insignia
Rank Insignia
Star Corporal MagistracyOfCanopus-StarCorporal.png

Taurian Defense Force[edit]

The Taurian Defense Force doesn't use this rank. A TDF Master Sergeant is known as a Lance Sergeant instead.[12] A MechWarrior in training officially holds this rank, but has no additional command authority. In conventional forces, these soldiers assist company commanders.[13] The Lance Sergeant wears a stylized bull's head in silver to show their rank.

Taurian Defense Force Insignia
Rank Insignia
Lance Sergeant TaurianConcordat-LanceSergeant.png

Marian Hegemony[edit]

The Hegemony Armed Forces don't use this rank.

Outworlds Alliance[edit]

The Alliance Military Corps doesn't use this rank.


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