Alarion Naval Academy

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The Alarion Naval Academy was founded in 3060. This school focuses on educating DropShip, JumpShip and WarShip crews for the Lyran Alliance. Naturally, it's located on Alarion. Graduates wear a black sash.[1] [2]

The Nagelring
Academy Information
Location Alarion[3]
Founding Year 3058 [3]
Course Information
BattleMech N/A
Aerospace Unknown-3962[3]
Armor N/A
Battle Armor N/A
Infantry N/A
Spacecraft Unknown-3062[3]
Artillery N/A
Technician Unknown-3062[3]
Specialist N/A

Education Levels[edit]

Because the academy is centered around the naval aspects of the military, the Basic Training needs 12 months to accomplish in normal time. [4]. The successful graduates can choose between several fields (Aerospace Pilot, Aerospace Specalist, to learn the Basic of a Technician, how to get a Marine, to operate as part of a Crew) [5]. The courses last a minimum of two years. When the academy members finished their test with good marks the Special Training awaits them. The recruit how has Basic Technician experience can hone his skills as technician for aerospace machines which require 2 years. The other recruits can choose Naval Training, where they learn to operate the large naval vessels ranging from DropShips to even WarShips. The Training take 2 years to learn.


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