Lyran Guards

Insignia of the Lyran Guards
Unit Profile (as of 3062)
Nickname The Iron Fist [1]
Parent Formation LCAF/LAAF
Formed 2341

The Lyran Guards were the second Lyran brigade mustered after the formation of the Lyran Commonwealth. Unlike the Arcturan Guards, the Lyran Guards recruited its soldiers from across the Commonwealth, and, second only to the Royal Guards, is the most prestigious commission in the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces. At its zenith prior to the Clan Invasion, the Lyran Guards numbered some 60 regiments, 14 of them being 'Mech units.[citation needed]


Star League Era[edit]

Formed as a result of the creation of the Commonwealth as a bond of the three founding states. Because of its prestige and high regards the brigade can select from its future graduates. Since their founding the regiments of this brigade have fought in nearly every offensive or defensive engagement and secured many victories.[2]

During the Star League Era the Lyran Guards were the largest brigade in LCAF, so large that the Guards added an additional officer between the regiment and brigade level, with a Divisional Commander overseeing ten Lyran Guards regiments and reporting to the Brigade's overall commander. In practice this number includes inactive or disbanded regiments so most Divisional Commanders only oversaw five or six active regiments. Numbering as high as six, as of 2765 five Lyran Guards Divisions remained active, ranging from the ten full regiments of the First Lyran Guards Division, a force larger than most Star League Defense Force brigades, to the mere four of the Second Lyran Guards Division.[3]

During the Amaris Civil War the Lyran Guards grew substantially, with a number of regiments being reactivated; by 2786 the brigade was thirty-five regiments strong;[4] two of the reactivated commands, the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Lyran Guards were effectively former SLDF units, having been recruited from personnel the Eighteenth Infantry Division and 368th BattleMech Division.[5] In addition to these two regiments, the Lyran Guards had reactivated the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Lyran Guards, and during the First Succession War the Guards also reactivated the Eleventh and Thirteenth Lyran Guards. The First Succession Wars took a heavy toll on the Lyran Guards, however; in addition to the losses taken to individual units, the Second, Fifth and Fifty-fourth Lyran Guards were wiped out completely.[4]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

During the FedCom Civil War the main body stayed neutral with some exceptions. After the Jihad ended, the Lyran Guards were the only LCAF brigade capable of fielding full RCT's.[2]

The Jihad[edit]

By 3085 the losses sustained by the Lyran Guards regiments hadn't been replaced. The brigade fielded two RCTs, but the rest of the unit was based on the new Light Combat Team model. Though the Guards saw the need for this immediately after the end of the Jihad, many members of the Guards were sure the LCAF could rebuild missing Guard units or at least expand the existing units. With other brigades being rebuilt and receiving the best academy graduates and machines, the Lyran Guards grew envious of their countrymen.[6]

The Dark Age[edit]

Prior to 3145 the Lyran Guards had been rebuilt, and even expanded to RCTs in several cases. The invasion by Clan Wolf resulted in the destruction of two RCTs and the disbanding of two more to make up losses in other Lyran Guard units. As of 3145 there were three RCTs and two independent 'Mech regiments in the Guards brigade.[7]


General Ivan Steiner, eldest son of Nondi Steiner, led the brigade since 3057 with mixed success. His good connection through the marriage to the daughter of the CEO of Defiance Industries of Hesperus granted him a position with high influence.

Units of the Lyran Guards[edit]

Color Scheme and Unit Insignia[edit]

The Lyran Guards paint their machines in Lyran blue and white.


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