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General of the Armies is a military rank assigned to the highest serving officer in the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces and the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces. Reporting directly to the Archon, this officer is responsible for every action taken by the LAAF. Frequently this rank is compared to the AFFS Marshal of the Armies, DCMS Gunji-no-Kanrei, or the CCAF Sang-jiang-jun.

Unlike the Gunji-no-Kanrei or the Sang-jiang-jun, the General of the Armies does not act as a regent in case the Archon is unavailable. (The Archon must specifically appoint the General of the Armies as the Regent, as Katherine Steiner-Davion did for Nondi Steiner.)

The highest rank in the LAAF Navy is known as Fleet Admiral, who handles all the Naval affairs. Though the Fleet Admiral wears an identical insignia, the Fleet Admiral is not the peer of the General of the Armies; The Fleet Admiral reports to the General of the Armies. (Any Naval officer who reached this rank would likely be named General of the Armies and a new Fleet Admiral would be appointed.)

The rank insignia for the General of the Armies is that of a General but backed by an additional black halo.

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General of the Armies
(Fleet Admiral)