Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class McKenna


The McKenna-class battleship Obsidian was the flagship of the Clan Smoke Jaguar touman during the Golden Century until her loss in battle. The Obsidian played a part in the Smoke Jaguar Absorption of Clan Mongoose in the second half of the twenty-ninth century; leading the Smoke Jaguar naval fleet into battle against the Mongoose fleet above Circe in what was the largest naval engagement in Clan up to that point in time, the Obsidian was soon involved in a battle featuring almost thirty WarShips and large numbers of AeroSpace Fighters. When the Obsidian was crippled by the Quicksilver Mongoose,[1] the Du Shi Wang-class[2] Mongoose flagship literally shattering the Obsidian's spine, that victory seemed likely to turn the battle in favour of the Mongoose forces. The momentum the Mongoose forces had built up was quickly stymied when the Lola III-class destroyer CSJ Storm Cat engaged and subsequently crippled the Quicksilver Mongoose, leaving the battleship venting atmosphere and unable to maneuvre. The Smoke Jaguars still lost half their fleet but carried the day, with the last four surviving Mongoose WarShips forced to surrender.[1]


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