Orson Tanaka


Orson Tanaka (Born ???? - Died ????) was a news reporter employed by INN during the Jihad. In early 3078 Tanaka was embedded with allied coalition forces operating on the Draconis Combine thrust of Operation SCOUR, reporting on the progress of SCOUR as the coalition forces approached Terra. Tanaka is noted to have produced a critical media diary piece in late March 3078 that highlighted concerns that cooperation between allied forces within the Draconis Combine front was suffering due to problems with the DCMS leadership and called on the Dragon to work to resolve existing problems to prevent the coalition fracturing.[1]

Tanaka also secured an interview with General Belle Lee of the allied coalition on the 16th of August 3078 to discuss the impending attack on the Terran system. Tanaka was able to obtain broad details on the major ground-based targets for the coalition before the interview was terminated when General Lee took offense at what she considered a particularly stupid question.[2]



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