Production information
Manufacturer Falcon's Roost Orbital Assembly Plant
Production Year 3082[1]
Model Standard
Class Medium Aerospace Fighter
Tech Base Clan (Advanced)
Technical specifications
Mass 70
Structural Integrity 7
Frame Fledgling 2
Power Plant Consolidated 280 XL
Fuel 5

2 x ER Large Lasers
Streak LRM-20s
2 x Improved Heavy Medium Lasers
2 x Heavy Small Lasers

Communications System System XXX
Tracking & Targeting System Omicron XX
Heat Sinks 20 Double heat sinks
BV (1.0) N/A
BV (2.0) 2,323[2][3][4]


First encountered in late 3085, the Persepolis is a second-line Clan Aerospace Fighter developed by Clan Jade Falcon. The craft was first developed unbeknownst to military intelligence of the Inner Sphere until a pirate band attempted to raid Sudeten. The Persepolis was the first product of the Falcon's new orbital space factory, Falcon's Roost Orbital Assembly Plant. The powerful fighter has seen deployment to nearly all of Clan Jade Falcon's second and front-line Galaxies with the exception of its elite formations, which have been given the allotment of the OmniFighters in the Clan's Touman.[5]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The medium fighter is geared to fighting standoff engagements using its Series 7k Extended-Range Large Lasers and its advanced tech 20-tubed Streak LRMs. Each of the launchers has allotment of two tons ammunition between each of them, while its Streak technology prevents wasted shots. In close range, the fighter's brace of Improved Heavy Medium and Small Lasers add to Persepolis's firepower to finish off an opponent. However, flaws in Falcon's manufacturing process caused these weapons to explode.

The fighter is not considered the fastest of its class, however where it is not as quick it is well armored with 9 tons of Compound Gamma Ferro-Aluminum Armor.[6]


Design Quirks[edit]

The Persepolis is subject to the following Design Quirks:

The Persepolis 2 variant is subject to the following Design Quirks:[7]

  • Accurate Weapon (ER Large Laser)
  • Difficult Ejection,
  • Poor Performance
  • Poor Workmanship


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