Randolph Support Vehicle

Rock Rover.jpg
Randolph Support Vehicle
Production information
Manufacturer Various
Use Transport
Tow Vehicle
Tech Base Primitive Inner Sphere
Chassis Type (Size) Tracked (Medium)
Equipment Rating D/B-X-X/E
Cost N/A
Introduced Age of War
Technical specifications
Mass 35 Tons
Speed 4
Top Speed 6
Power Plant ICE
Fuel (Type/Range) 713km
Armament 3 x Machine Guns
Heat Sinks 0
Armor BAR 5
Crew 2 (1 enlisted/non-rated, 1 gunner)
BV (2.0) 145[1]


The Randolph is an early combat vehicle that was developed near the dawn of the Age of War, just after 2300.[2] The vehicle's intended mission was to support frontline troops as a transport/support vehicle. The Randolph was produced Inner Sphere wide, seeing service in various factions and private units. The vehicle remained in service up to the Reunification War, however it was phased out of service due to its obsolete equipment by end of that war.[3]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

The Randolph is armed with 3 machine guns with Basic Fire Control, one of which is mounted in the front and the others on both sides. The vehicle is protected by 2 tons of BAR 5 grade armor, which was considered good armor protection when it was first introduced into service. Aside from the vehicle's 9 ton cargo capacity, it can tow additional cargo or field artillery.[4]

It has been noted that a number of these vehicles have been converted into ambulances and command vehicles.


The Randolph features Tractor Chassis Modification, with following Design Quirks: Easy to Maintain, Modular Weapons, and Obsolete/2500. It is built as a primitive combat vehicle, which is similar to construction rules for support vehicles.

As of this writing, the only a record sheet for the vehicle that is found in the original PDF. The variants noted in the fluff have not been stated as of yet.

The vehicle's image was originally used for the RRV "Rock Rover".


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