Vessel Profile
Type WarShip


The Rickenbacker was a WarShip in the Clan Wolverine touman prior to the Annihilation that wiped out most of the Wolverines.[1] The Rickenbacker fought in the battle held in the Deep Periphery system of Barbados at the end of June 2824 where the bulk of the Clan Wolverine touman and civilian castes were killed or captured by the Grand Fleet assembled by ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky.[2]

Three small fleets of Wolverine ships operating under the overall command of saKhan Trish Ebon and the SLS Bismark weren't present for the battle at Barbados. Ebon had the Bismark return to Barbados via a pirate point, having already located and joined her ships with one of the other two screening task forces. The Bismark and the other ships were full of Wolverine civilians at this point, and managed to rescue a small number of survivors found at Barbados who had survived the various Clan hunting parties. This included a number of survivors found starving and dehydrated but alive including a number of people recovered from the shattered remains of the Rickenbacker who had managed to survive on two decks that had remained intact despite the damage taken by the WarShip.[1]


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