Ron Dexter

Ron Dexter was a MechWarrior with the Cameron's Legion mercenary unit, where he piloted a Marauder.

He became notorious in an incident on 2 May 3034 that later became known as the Nystaad Massacre: Defending the local government in the city of Nystaad on Bruben against a sneak attack from Ronin forces, Cameron's Legion found itself in an intense 3-hour urban battle that cost altogether 493 civilian casualties on the sidelines. Of these, more than 100 had been children who were killed when a school building was destroyed during the fighting; Dexter was implied to be responsible, and reportedly said afterwards that the building "had just been in the way".[1]

Cameron's Legion was subsequently under strict orders to avoid civilian casualties at all costs, which hampered them in combat. The unit thus suffered crippling losses on 15 June 3034. Its surviving leaders were subsequently offerend positions in the Bruben militia, which they accepted. The specific fate of Ron Dexter is not mentioned.


Cameron's Legion was the "personal" mercenary unit of German BattleTech author Hartwig Nieder-Gassel. The unit and its characters, including Ron Dexter, featured in many of his articles, scenarios and game aids in FanPro's House Magazine Wunderwelten (1989-1999) and in the German scenario pack Ronin! (1996). The storyline from Ronin! was retold in 2006 in the (canonical) Historical: Brush Wars, canonizing the unit, its exploits and minutiae as mentioned in this sourcebook (again including Ron Dexter).

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According to the "Schwarzer Tag" training scenarios from Wunderwelten#Issue 20, Ron Dexter held the rank of Major and was exective officer and second-in-command of Cameron's Legion after Colonel Thomas Cameron. Dexter claimed to have defeated two opponents in subsequent 'Mech duels as a 14-year old.[2]

Following the apparent destruction of Cameron's Legion in 3034 on Bruben, Dexter resurfaced on Solaris VII in 3058 as a test pilot working for Gibson Federated BattleMechs. He piloted the Free Worlds League's new custom-built LCN-X05 Lancer hybrid 'Mech (built from Inner Sphere and Clan technologies) during its shakedown test run when it underwent combat trials with the Bromley Stables.[3]

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