Rossei Keshik (Clan Nova Cat)

Rossei Keshik Supernova Trinary
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Parent Formation Xi Provisional Galaxy


Command Trinary of Xi Provisional Galaxy.

  • July 24th, 3072 - Rossei Keshik lead by Galaxy Commander Steiner invades battered world of Luthien on Trial of Annihilation against Word of Blake's 42nd Shadow Division. The unit drops directly on top of the 42nd with other five clusters of the Xi galaxy on the Kado-guchi Valley. The unit, with others destroyed any Word unit they came across. Steiner leads Rossei Keshik into Imperial City where they encounter of reinforcements. Force to regroup, Steiner has all units including the Keshik on Waseda Hills. Among the reorganizing for a second wave, Word of Blake fired six nuclear missiles at the hills. It unknown if Keshik survived, since only a Cluster and half units barely withdrew to their dropships and left planet.[1]

After Ajax Drummond became Khan of the Nova Cats, he transferred Elementals from the keshik to other Clusters in Xi Provisional Galaxy.[2] In July 3100 three Stars of the Keshik were destroyed in combat on Irece by cruise missiles launched from Polaris-class DropShips attached to the Rasalhague Dominion's Omega Galaxy.[3]


Officer Staff as of 3067.


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Game Rules[edit]

Dark Age[edit]

In the Dark Age era, the Rossei Keshik has the Overrun Combat special ability and is immune to Forced Withdrawal.[4]


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