Sakhara Academy

Sakhara Academy Emblem

Sakhara Academy is widely regarded as one of the best in the Federated Suns. Founded in 2613 by retired Star League officers, for many years it was open to anyone who could afford the tuition.[1]


[edit] General

During the First Succession War the students and staff of the Academy repelled three seperate attacks by the 3rd Sword of Light. At that time the school had approximately six regiments of students in training. Over the course of the Succession Wars, enrollment dropped until in 3025 the Academy only graduates approximately eighty students a year, divided evenly among MechWarriors, AeroSpace Pilots, armor commanders and infantry officers.[1]

For a small academy, privately run and financed, Sakhara Academy turns out near-perfect soldiers. The cadets of the institution are the children of former graduates, and sometimes entire generations of a family attend Sakhara. The academy has access to advanced training equipment, largely as a result of extensive gifts from private corporations and the families of various alumni. High tuition fees and financial support from former graduates ensure the continued existence of the Sakhara Academy.[2]

In 3079 Sakhara Academy continued to train the MechWarriors, AeroSpace Pilots, and armor and infantry officers as it was known for, but also added a new course to train Battle Armor officers.[3]

[edit] Atmosphere

The entrance is reserved for richest families or how have considerable political influence. The community of former and actual members form a close circle, they see themselves as a elite. For example, when a student have problems the other cadets watch him and help him.[2]

[edit] Special Notes

Graduates enter service in the Academy training unit at the rank of leftenants. The next 24 months they are part of a proud unit.[2]

[edit] Notable Graduates

[edit] References

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