Salvatore Incorporated

Salvatore Incorporated
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Layover
Primary Products DropShips
Small Craft


Salvatore Incorporated used to produce DropShips for the Star League. At their best their factory on Layover covered more than five hundred square kilometers, with thousands more devoted to testing and proving grounds,[1] and was an example of one of the largest defense manufacturing megaplexes in the entirety of the Federated Suns.[2] In the centuries since the fall of the Star League, raids and assaults on Layover have reduced the company's production to a single line. Vast assembly buildings stand empty or were repurposed by other industries. The Federated Suns has offered to provide bailout loans and update the facility, but the offer was always declined.[1]

During the Jihad the Federated Suns government saw an opportunity to help both Salvatore and Kallon Industries. The government forced Salvatore to lease some of its deserted yard space to Kallon.[3] The lease terms were very generous, and allowed Salvatore some breathing room. The federal government also provided some contracts to the company, helping revitalize it further.[4]


In 3067 the company's CEO is Countess Edwina Famito.[1]


Salvatore Inc. has an manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Layover:[5]
Component Type
Seeker[1][5][6] DropShip
Small Craft
K-1[4] Small Craft
Interplanetary Drive - Dropships
Quad Ran Tech 720 Seeker[5]


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