Shada Kurita

Shada Kurita (born 2312- died ????) was the daughter of Shiro Kurita.

The daughter of the Draconis Combine's founder Shiro Kurita, Shada Kurita is famous for the events that led up to her death at her father's hands.


Early Life[edit]

In 2333 Shada decided that instead of remaining on New Samarkand with her family, she would instead gain an education at the University of Pesht. While attending at the univversity, Shada fell for Charles Klein, a commoner who after just six months at the university, would impregnate Shada with a child that could not be born into the Kurita line.[1]


Upon learning of the pregnancy, Shiro ordered his daughter home, giving her one last chance to right her wrong upon his honor. She refused to terminate the pregnancy and was sent to her chambers for the night. The next morning Shiro had her join him, her sister Omi Kurita, and many close relatives in the courtyard of the palace. He asked her one laast time if she would terminate the pregnancy, and upon her refusal, shot her head by his own hand.[1]


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