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System information
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Political Affiliation[edit]

Military Deployment[edit]


- 1 Reinforced Star of 5 BattleMechs and 5 Elementals
- 1 BattleMech Star
- 1 Conventional Infantry Star


Siroc is a heavily forested colony world located in the Deep Periphery, coreward of the Inner Sphere. The colony was founded by colonists who left the Terran Hegemony in 2550. Shortly after its founding, a large portion of the population died from a local virus. All that remains is a small community of subsistence farmers, with technology equivalent to nineteenth century Terra. The main city on Siroc is named Châlons, and sited in the centre of the city is a temple dedicated to the colonists who first settled Siroc; unbeknownst to those not native to the planet, the temple is actually built around an inoperable Vulture-class DropShip.[1]

The Explorer Corps had been using Siroc as a cargo way-station, with large quantities of supplies stored on the southern slopes of the highest peak on the planet, Mount Lunda, surrounded by dense tropical forest. The Explorer Corps maintained a small clearing 10 kilometers from their supply cache as a landing site for spheroid DropShips, with cleared routes under the forest canopy providing access routes between the sites.[1]

The colony was occupied by Clan Steel Viper shortly after Operation Revival and garrisoned with a second-line Trinary, not realizing that there was an Explorer Corps presence on the planet. The Explorer Corps was actively looking to contract a company sized mercenary unit to act as a relief force for the Corps’ garrison on Siroc in 3059[1]


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