Production information
Manufacturer Arc-Royal MechWorks
Production Year 3076
Model SLG-X
Class Medium
Technical specifications
Mass 50 tons
Chassis Composite Internal Structure
Armor Standard Armor
Engine 300 XL
Speed 97,2 (108) km/h

1x Heavy Large Laser
2x Streak SRM 2s
2x ER Flamers
1x Large Shield

BV (2.0) 1,780[1]


The SLG-X Slagmaiden BattleMech is a mixed hybrid of Clan and Inner Sphere experimental technologies. Built in 3076 by Arc-Royal MechWorks, the 'Mech was intended to showcase advanced technologies and boost the morale of troops during the Jihad. Only two Slagmaidens were ever constructed, due to some of its design features and its expense. It is unknown if the Slagmaiden will ever reach general production, as the 'Mech seems destined for the niche of arena combat.[2]

Armament and Capacities[edit]

More intended for dueling than practical combat use, the design hosts a number of medium- and short-range weaponry. The Slagmaiden's principal weapon is its Clan Heavy Large Laser mounted in its right arm. To help mitigate the design's significant heat build up from the laser, Techs have installed a Laser Insulator to the weapon. Its short range weaponry includes a pair of Extended Range Flamers found in right arm, while a pair of Streak SRM 2s are mounted in each side torso. The ammunition for the 'Maiden is protected by CASE II which is fitted in the left torso.

The Maiden's other signature feature is its Large Shield found in its left arm. While the shield is active, its torso weapons are unable to be used. The weapon also slows down the 'Mech by a single km/h per-speed bracket. However, this is offset by the 'Mechs's Supercharger which pushes the 'Mech's speed up to 100 km/h. Techs also applied 10.5 tons of standard armor to the hull to protect the 'Mech's fragile interior from harm.[3]


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