St. George

St. George
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Overlord


The St. George was an old Overlord-class DropShip operated by the mercenary unit known as the Dragonslayers. The St. George was acquired in battered condition as salvage by the Dragonslayers while the unit was operating under contract to the Marian Hegemony. Tasked with tracking down a pirate band which had been responsible for making repeated raids targeting the GM facility being constructed near Lissa on the Marian world of Lindassa, the Dragonslayers tracked the pirates down to an uninhabited world near the Valerius system in what had been the former Illyrian Palatinate. In addition to the St. George, the Dragonslayers recovered almost two full companies of Combat Vehicles and 'Mechs as well as evidence linking the pirates to rebels operating within former Palatinate worlds.[1]

The St. George was still in service with the Dragonslayers as at late 3071.[1]


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