Talk:Tactical Handbook

Several of the weapons and pieces of equipment from this book were never referenced any place else. I felt this bore mentioning, and possibly a follow up. — The preceding unsigned comment was provided by ClanWolverine101 (talkcontribs) .

Yes, quite a few things in this book seem to not only be missing from other references but many weapons have different stats than versions published later. For example the LB-5X from the THB has only 16 shots / ton and a range profile of Min:4, Sh:1-8, Md:9-15, Lng:16-22 vs. Min:3, Sh:1-7, Md:8-14, Lng:15-21 for the subsequent publications. (Granted, I have not personally read much BT stuff from after the FASA years)

I have filled in the entries for Magnetic Pulse Warheads and smoke warheads and hopefully I will find time to add other THB info in the future. — The preceding unsigned comment was provided by L Richardson (talkcontribs) .