Tancredi War College

Tancredi War College
Academy Information
Location Tancredi IV
Founding Year Age of War
Course Information
Infantry ca. 2500 - 2765
Artillery ca. 2500 - 2765+
BattleMech ca. 2500 - 2765+
Aerospace ca. 2500 - 2765+

The Tancredi War College was a military college founded on Tancredi IV during the Age of War and active throughout the Star League era.


The Tancredi War College was founded in the early 2500s on Tancredi IV, a planet which had been colonised roughly a hundred years earlier by descendents of the aboriginal peoples of the North American continent on Terra. Those colonists had been seeking a world which would allow them to retain their cultural roots, and those settlers had continued to maintain those roots even as commercial industry on Tancredi IV grew following the discovery of significant exploitable mineral resources on the planet. Tancredi IV developed a strongly martial culture that believed that an individual's worth was demonstrated through physical feats and combat, resulting in the founding of a strong planetary defense force that would later form the core of the Draconis March combat brigade after Tancredi IV joined the Federated Suns.[1]

By the mid-twenty-eighth century the Tancredi War College was considered to be nearly as prestigious as the New Avalon Military Academy and Albion Military Academy; the College favored candidates from Tancredi, opening just fifty percent of its enrollment each year to candidates from offworld. This led to fierce competition for places,[2] and the highly-regarded Tancredi Loyalists brigade of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns was well-known for recruiting the vast majority of its personnel either from natives of Tancredi IV or the graduate classes of the Tancredi War College.[1]


Military courses offered by the Nagelring included: Infantry, Artillery, BattleMech and Aerospace. The Tancredi War College's true specialities were considered to be its infantry and artillery courses,[2] despite the heavy recruiting of graduates from the College into the Tancredi Loyalists.[1]


The Tancredi War College was presumably destroyed or disbanded during the Succession Wars.


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