Tandem-Charge Warhead


First prototyped by the Terran Hegemony in 2757,[1] Tandem-Charge (or TC) missiles didn't enter service until the Clan Invasion with the Federated Commonwealth.[1] Designed to replace standard SRMs with special warheads that penetrate armor and inflict damage to the internal structure of the target, the Tandem-Charge Missile uses a pair of explosives to inflict damage. The first explosive is a shaped charge that penetrates the unit's outer armor, while the second charge is propelled through the newly created breach to damage internal components.[2]"These missiles have been very useful when fighting Manei Domini, both MechWarriors and Battle Armored troopers are affected.[3]

There are some drawbacks to the Tandem-Charge Missiles however. The first is their cost: At five times the expense of a standard SRM, they're not cheap. They're also very ineffective against conventional infantry.[4] In addition, the Tandem Charge missiles are larger and heavier than their standard counterparts, so a 'Mech can only carry half as many per ton. If TC missiles detonate in the 'Mech's magazine, they will inflict 50% more damage than a standard SRM.[5]"The two explosives of the TC warhead require a slight gap between the armor and the frame of the target, so they function as standard SRMs when used against AeroSpace Fighters. Finally, the TC missile is incompatible with Artemis, Narc, or Streak systems, reducing their accuracy".


Game Notes[edit]

The warheads described here are from the Tactical Operations book. They're based on the weapon of the same name from Unbound which, on a successful missile strike, would inflict one point of damage to the armor and one point of damage to the target's internal structure.[6]


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