Thompson's August Warriors

Thompson's August Warriors
Unit Profile (as of 3085)
CO Daichi Thompson
Disbanded 3104 (destroyed)

Thompson's August Warriors were a mercenary unit that was formed during or immediately after the Jihad.


At its inception in or shortly before ca. 3081, the unit was company-sized or smaller.[1]

In Capellan Confederation employ in 3104, they were tasked with eliminating the Trellis Electronics factory on Victoria (during the Victoria War). Fighting alongside Warrior House Kamata for some five weeks, Thompson's August Warriors decimated the 2nd NAIS Cadet Cadre but were eventually caught in a pincer by defending units. House Kamata retreated upon seeing the looming disaster, but the August Warriors were killed to a man by the enraged AFFS troops who refused their surrender. A detachment of August Warriors in FS9-M2 Firestarters was detached specifically to skirt the battle lines and torch the Trellis factory and its workers. Unable to return to their unit, they fled with the Kamata troops and would be their unit's only survivors.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Thompson's August Warriors
Major Daichi Thompson 3085



  • Thompson's August Warriors were one Battalion (at 105% strength and 67% upgraded) of Regular Quality and Reliable Loyalty. The unit was stationed on Nashuar[3]


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