Tiberius Reed

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Tilberius Reed
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit
Star Colonel

Tiberius Reed (born 27?? - died 28??) - who was later called Star Colonel Tiberius - was a Star League officer who would depart with General Aleksandr Kerensky on Operation Exodus. He led a small faction of hardened veterans during the Pentagon Civil War, before his bonding and eventual adoption into Clan Blood Spirit.[1]


Loyal to the Star League, but unwilling to recognize Nicholas Kerensky as Aleksandr Kerensky's successor to the position of Commanding General, Reed would choose to remain behind. Years later, when the Clans returned to the Pentagon Worlds, he would find loyalty to those ideas had not died within the conquerors, but were instead held in high esteem.[1]

Sheriff of Helgren County[edit]

A Captain in the SLDF prior to the Second Exodus, he was able to convince a large group from his former (unspecified) regiment to stay together under his leadership. Sheriff Tiberius Reed and his force of skilled warriors carved out the small nation-state called Helgren County on the eastern continent of Arcadia. Throughout the long years of relentless war against their many contentious neighbors, the Davion-leaning soldiers survived and relatively thrived, right up until the return of Nicholas Kerensky and the Clans.[1]

The Blood Spirit[edit]

By 2821, Operation Klondike saw his nation inevitably fall to invaders styling themselves the Children of Kerensky. After winning a large confrontation against Clan Steel Viper where Helgren forces were able to completely trap a Binary of Steel Vipers 'Mechs by using their familiarity with local terrain, the advance of Clan Blood Spirit proved to be too great to further resist.[1]

Instead of letting his forces be destroyed by further fighting with the Steel Vipers - who refused all attempts at negotiation after their earlier defeat by the Helgren warriors - Sheriff Reed struck off to roam the countryside, attempting to directly engage a Clan Blood Spirit unit, in order to try and work towards a solution. Upon finding a small Blood Spirit patrol, Reed approached and challenged patrol leader MechWarrior Zoltan Osborne to a duel. Less than 90 seconds later, Tiberius was a bondsman of Clan Blood Spirit. He commanded all of his remaining units to surrender to Clan Blood Spirit, though in all actuality the Blood Spirits had to race Clan Steel Viper to take control of the major objectives within Helgren County. The Blood Spirits' success, as well as their immediate use and eventual adoption of Tiberius, marked the beginning of a rift between the two Clans, one that would only end with the death of Viper Khan Ellie Kinnison.[1]

In time, he would rise to hold the rank of Star Colonel. Little else is noted of his career beyond this point, though the fact that he rose to a high rank among the Blood Spirits speaks just as well of his skills as it does of the esteem in which his new comrades in the conquering Clan held him.[1]


Tiberius Reed was noted to have piloted an Archer at the time of his defeat and capture.[1]


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