Travis King

Travis King
Died: April 3008
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons

Travis King (born - died 3008) was an officer in the Wolf's Dragoons mercenary company, and the first commander of Delta Regiment.

Personal History[edit]

Delta Regiment

Like most of the original members of Wolf's Dragoons, little is known of Travis King's early life. It may be assumed that he was born on the Clan Homeworlds and was almost certainly a Freebirth. King, Delta Regiment and the rest of the Dragoons first appeared in the Inner Sphere along with the rest of Wolf's Dragoons in 3005, appearing in orbit over New Delos, [1] and soon signing on with the Federated Suns. They first saw action on the Capellan world of Halloran V, which was being used to raid Davion worlds by Marion's Highlanders and the Blackwind Lancers. Delta accompanied Beta Regiment, Gamma Regiment and Zeta Battalion as well as the Seventh Kommando special forces unit, all under the overall command of Colonel Jaime Wolf. [2] The Dragoons achieved total surprise in their initial attacks, forcing the Liao troops to abandon their main base and falling back to the city of Gethin. Delta Regiment held the Dragoons' right flank, putting pressure on the Lancers in Gethin and allowing the other Dragoon units to focus on the Highlanders north of the city. Delta's goal was not only to prevent the Lancers from regrouping with the Highlanders, but to also keep them from reaching the planet's ComStar facility where they could call for reinforcements. This proved the critical point of the early battle, as Colonel King's conservative, combined-arms tactics succeeded in pinning the Lancers. Beginning with a heavy Aerospace Fighter bombardment, Delta slowly advanced with King sending his heavy and assault lances into the suburbs where they overcame resistance in the form of artillery emplacements and defending UrbanMechs. Once he had secured the city's outskirts, King consolidated his position, repairing and resupplying his units while preparing for a major push the following day. The Lancers used the opportunity to launch a counterattack, beginning with infantry armed with Inferno missiles, followed up with 'Mech attacks. They managed to get surprise on Delta's recon pickets, destroying a number of 'Mechs and causing much confusion. King calmly and stoically pulled his forces back to regroup, and when the Lancers attempted to capitalize on their momentum, it was the Dragoons turn to surprise their enemy, using their artillery units and 'Mech attacks to smash the advance Liao units. When the Lancers attempted to fall back, elements of the Seventh Kommando surprised them from behind with portable SRM attacks. The Lancer 'Mechs took serious damage and half their infantry never made it home. [3] Two days later, Delta initiated a plan by King and the Seventh Kommando to flush the Blackwind Lancers out of the city. Using another artillery barrage, Delta covered for the Seventh Kommandos, who stealthily took position behind the Lancers. When Delta advanced, the Lancers began receiving reports of a large enemy force behind them, possibly in regimental strength. These false reports by the Kommandos caused the Lancers to panic, abandoning their defensive positions as they attempted to regroup with the Highlanders. The Delta's chased the Lancers into the valley where their sudden presence threw the Highlanders, still holding against Betta and Gamma Regiments, into confusion. By the time the Liao troops broke out of the ambush, they'd been severely mauled. When Capellan reinforcements arrived, it was all they could do to help the two regiments retreat. The entire battle had taken only five days, with Colonel King and Delta Regiment receiving the bulk of the credit for the victory. [4]

In January 3007, Delta Regiment was on New Valencia along with Gamma and Epsilon Regiments when all five regiments of McCarron's Armored Cavalry attacked. Under the overall command of Gamma commander Wilhelmina Korsht, the Dragoons quickly evacuated their dependents to their base at Fort Jaime, then began using their support battalions to set up a defensive screen. The Liao mercenaries soon besieged the Dragoons at Fort Jaime while taking control of the city of Raiteland, where they caused widespread havoc, destroying several civilian buildings. Despite all this, the three Dragoon regiments held Fort Jaime, turning back multiple attacks with great determination. As the days passed, word came that all three regiments of the Eridani Light Horse were on their way to New Valencia to reinforce the Dragoons. At risk of being trapped and destroyed, Colonel Archibald McCarron reluctantly ordered a retreat. [5]

In September 3007, Delta and Gamma Regiment raided New Hati in the Tortuga Dominions where a major nest of pirates was based. King's Delta Regiment methodically wore down the defenders while Gamma Regiment encircled them. The pirates took heavy losses while escaping, and this discouraged further attacks on the Federated Suns. [6]

In March 3008, King, Delta Regiment and nearly the entire Dragoons command took part in the battle of New Aragon, recently taken from House Davion by the Capellans. The invading force consisted of all five regiments plus Zeta Battalion, in addition to five top Davion regiments. Defending the planet were eight entrenched Liao regiments, including elements of the elite Northwind Highlanders brigade. Almost immediately, things went poorly for the Dragoons and their Davion allies. The 4th Deneb Light Cavalry, temporarily attached to the Dragoons, lost nearly an entire battalion of 'Mechs when one of their DropShips was shot down by Capellan AeroSpace Fighters. This kept them out of the fighting for almost a week. Delta Regiment repeatedly attempted to assault the Liao position in the Estacado Mountains, only to be repulsed by the tenacious defense of the 1st and 2nd Kearny Highlanders. [7] Ordered to attack for the fifth time, King called in an artillery strike, then led his heavy 'Mechs into battle once again. Taking heavy damage, the conservative King ordered a retreat, only to face a furious bombing attack from heavy AeroSpace fighters. King called in Dragoon AeroSpace support, but the minutes it took them to arrive proved critical. King's Archer was hit in the rear a freak shot, breaching the 'Mech's armor and causing his ammunition to explode. King was killed instantly, becoming the first Dragoon regimental commander to be killed in action. [8][9] King's second-in-command, Sarah Weisz, would succeed him. [10]

Personality and Traits[edit]

King had a reputation for being a conservative, methodical, by-the-book commander, but that rarely seemed to limit him as a military strategist. On the contrary, King was a firm believer in the combined-arms doctrine who employed artillery, infantry, commando and Aerospace elements in virtually all his plans, usually with great effect. He was noted to keep his cool under fire, and his actions saved Delta Regiment from destruction more than once. King was considered easygoing and personable with his troops, and the entire regiment was severely demoralized by his death. [11]


  • King piloted an Archer during his relatively short but distinguished career. [8]


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