Uchita Tucker

Uchita Tucker
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Aerospace pilot

Uchita Tucker was a famous Thrush aerospace fighter pilot for the Capellan Confederation in the early 3000's.


After losing both legs and her right arm in the crashlanding of her Thrush Juni Bell II,[1] she had them replaced by bionic grafts and continued to serve in a combat role. She resented being given nicknames such as "'Mech-woman", "Automaton of Destruction", and "Old Iron Pants".[2]

By 3025 she was a combat ace with a reputation as a loner, having been disciplined several times for disregarding battle tactics and squadron coordination.[2] Most pilots avoided her.[1] She was rumored to be a member of a Thuggee cult.[3]

Invasion of Stein's Folly[edit]

In July 3025, Tucker took part in the Capellan assault on Stein's Folly as part of Dagger Squadron, a squadron of six Thrushes that escorted Overlord-class DropShips by means of large external fuel tanks (instead of launching directly from the DropShips), which was very taxing on the pilots.[2]

Dagger Squadron was the lead squadron that first engaged the enemy Sparrowhawk aerospace fighters. When making their descent to Stein's Folly, Tucker was the first to spot the incoming defenders. As she had done in the past, Tucker broke ranks, despite her squadron leader's warning her not to, and began her attack on the enemy fighters. Peeling away from Dagger squadron she was able to take up a position that allowed her to come in behind the enemy lead fighter as it was focused on the main squadron of Capellan fighters, and crippled it with her lasers. It burned up in the atmosphere of Stein's Folly, making it Tucker's thirteenth confirmed kill at the price of her squadron leader whose Thrush was destroyed when Tucker broke formation instead of protecting him. Tucker's own Thrush fighter was severely damaged in the engagement which left her powerless and floating off into deep space.[4]

During the Federated Suns' recapture of Stein's Folly, a veteran Capellan Thrush noted to bear many laser scars and thirteen kill markers, the latest still fresh, strafed attacking 'Mechs and dropped inferno bombs, destroying (at least) a Crusader. It is heavily implied this was Tucker's fighter.[5]


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