Veiled Huntress

Texas 3057.jpg
Veiled Huntress
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Texas


In 3050, Clan Smoke Jaguar's Beta Galaxy’s flagship was the Veiled Huntress, and her class was not specified at this point.[1] She participated in the Turtle Bay Massacre.[2] One picture published of the Turtle Bay attack shows two ships firing against the city.[3] These ships are an Essex class destroyer and a Vincent Mk. 42 class corvette. Two DropShips are also pictured, as neither the Essex nor the Vincent carry DropShips other JumpShips or WarShips must have been in-system. The use of multiple WarShips in this action was attested by Anastasius Focht in 3052.[4] The Essex-class ship had previously been identified as the Sabre Cat. It is unlikely that the Vincent is the Veiled Huntress as she is too small to act as a flagship.

A Texas-class WarShip was reported in the Jaguar Occupation Zone in 3050-51.[5] It is possible that the Jaguars controlled a Texas. Seven vessels of this class survived the Exodus, however two were later destroyed during the Exodus Civil War,[6] and all of these were accounted for. Four of these belong to Clan Coyote[7], Clan Snow Raven[8], Clan Jade Falcon[9] and Clan Wolf[10]. The fifth is the notorious Prinz Eugen, now used as a prison facility. [11] If the Jaguars did have a Texas it would have to have been a newly built one or a refurbishment of one of the two derelicts left after the Exodus Civil War.

The Sabre Cat was misidentified in one report of the Turtle Bay action as a Texas class battleship. [12] However this does confirm the presence of a Texas during the fighting, the most likely candidate for this ship is the Veiled Huntress.[13]

The Draconis Combine confirmed the capture of a Texas class battleship during Operation Bulldog. The vessel was so heavily damaged that it was scuttled.[14]


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