William Trulo


William Trulo (Born ???? - ????) was a member of the armed forces of the Principality of Regulus. In September 3077 he was serving as the Force Commander commanding the Dead Reckoning company within the 1st Regulan Hussars. The 1st Hussars were stationed on Vosloorus at the time; when the 5th Marik Militia arrived, replacing the 2nd Marik Militia as the Marik Commonwealth garrison on Vosloorus, the 1st Hussars escalated the campaign for control of the planet dramatically.[1]

The 1st Hussars attacked the Militia in a savage attack in the 9th of September that quickly destroyed the Militia command structure, breaking the Militia. Trulo typified the ferocity with which the Hussars engaged the Militia; at the controls of his Patriot Trulo claimed no less than seven kills in the engagement.[1]



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