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Hussars (Free Rasalhague Republic)

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Unit Profile (as of 3073)
Parent Formation KungsArmé
Formed 3034

Unit DescriptionEdit

Prior to the Clan Invasion, the Hussars were a brigade of light-medium weight BattleMech regiments belonging to the KungsArmé.


Formed along with the rest of the KungsArme, the Hussars regiments were designed to use medium weight BattleMechs. These 'Mechs were supposed to be at the lighter end of the spectrum, and simultaneously carry enough firepower to allow the Hussars to inflict serious damage on a foe and then retreat.[1] During the Clan Invasion, they fought well but were ultimately overmatched. The Third Hussars in particular fought well on Satalice, where they held off the 13th Wolf Guards for more than a month. Ragnar Magnusson was present for much of this fighting.[2]

After the formation of the Ghost Bear Dominion, the Hussars regiments were honored by being recreated as new Clusters.

Units of the HussarsEdit

Color Scheme and InsigniaEdit

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