Satalice Militia

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Satalice Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3051)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation KungsArmé
Formed unknown

The Satalice Militia was assigned to defend Satalice[1]


In November 3051 Satalice was attacked by Clan Wolf during the Fifth Wave of the resumed Operation REVIVAL. Opposing the invading Fourth and Eleventh Wolf Guards were the Third Drakøns along with the First and Second Satalice Armored Divisions, with major battles taking place at Cat's Bend, the Blue Lava Fields and Republic City. Both Wolf Guards units had dispensed with the traditional bidding process and decided to compete against each other in conquering the planet, with the winner decided by who had accumulated more "trophies" (unit insignias taken from an enemy 'Mech). When Överste Adrian MacGalliard, commander of the Drakøns, deduced this fact he tried to draw the two competing units into ambushes by using his own 'Mechs as bait; unfortunately this tactic did not work for long when the Wolves turned their aerospace forces on his ambush sites.[1] The unit did follow that strategy and although not confirmed perished in that world as only the Third Drakøns did retreat to Skandia in January 3052.[citation needed]



Composition History


  • First Satalice Armored Division[1]
  • Second Satalice Armored Division[1]
  • Infantry Battalion; 3rd Company did fight alongside the 3rd Drakøns in the defense of Satalice.[2]
  • Rodbondgard Militia (at least 12 platoons) - Rodbondgard is a city on Satalice[3]


Game Rules


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