12th Rasalhagian Dragoons Free Company

Twelfth Rasalhagian Dragoons Free Company
Disbanded 3050 (destroyed)
Affiliation Free Rasalhague Republic
Parent Command KungsArmé

The Twelfth Rasalhagian Dragoons Free Company were assigned to defend Radlje.[1]


Radlje was conquered in July 3050 by Clan Ghost Bear as part of the third wave of Operation REVIVAL. The 12th Rasalhagian Dragoons Free Company was charged with defending the planet when the 115th Striker Cluster arrived. However the Free Company refused to respond to the Ghost Bears' batchall, an insult Star Captain Marialle Hawkins took personally. She led Supernova Echo's Alpha Nova in a three-day pursuit of the defenders, hunting them down without mercy and refusing all offers of surrender while saturating the battlefield of Lochsdown with indiscriminate weapons fire. Only after every single 'Mech had been destroyed were the last few survivors of the Free Company taken prisoner. Due to her undisciplined actions though, Star Captain Hawkins received an official reprimand and served two months of garrison duty on Radlje to better understand the people she had just recently conquered.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 12th Rasalhagian Dragoons Free Company



Composition History[edit]


A mixed force of four 'Mech lances and an infantry battalion.


Game Rules[edit]


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