1st Amaris Dragoons

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First Amaris Dragoons
Unit Profile (as of 2584)
Parent Formation Amaris Dragoons


Reunification War[edit]

With the Rim Worlds Republic in a state of civil war from 2575 onwards, the First Amaris Dragoons found their loyalties divided, with some elements chosing to support the rebel Rim Provisional Government while others remained loyal to First Consul Gregory Amaris.[1]

By 2584 the civil war had been raging within the Rim Worlds Republic for nine years, and the First Dragoons had lapsed into sectarian violence against each other on their garrison world of Kikuyu, an internecine conflict sparked by the divided loyalties within the Dragoons; when the Star League Defense Force launched the second wave of planetary campaigns as a part of Operation MAILED FIST, the Star League intervention in the civil war to restore Gregory Amaris to power, the internal conflict within the First Dragoons led the SLDF to believe that the conquest of Kikuyu would be a relatively short and easy affair.[1]

The SLDF assigned the Sixteenth Mechanized Infantry Division from VI Corps to the attack on Kikuyu; the Sixteenth landed on Kikuyu in March 2584 to begin combat operations, only to discover that their presence united the disparate elements of the First Dragoons by providing them with a common cause. Aided by irregulars raised from the civilian population, the heavily outnumbered First Dragoons turned the battle for Kikuyu into an extended campaign that didn't end until January 2585, almost a year after the initial landings. Casualties were high on both sides; the Rim Worlds losses amounted to thirty thousand people in total, two-thirds of whom were people who had joined the irregular formations that rose up after the SLDF landing. The Sixteenth had suffered two and a half thousand fatalities and another five and a half thousand injuries before the weary division finally secured the planet.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Amaris Dragoons
Colonel Silvio Cana 2581[3]



Composition History[edit]


The Dragoons had a least one company of Ignis Support Tanks.[4]


  • During the Reunification War the First Dragoons receive a -1 penalty to all repair rolls as a consequence of the disruption caused to the logistical infrastructure of the Rim Worlds Army during the Rim Worlds Republic civil war.[5]


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