20th Polar Bear Attack (Clan Ghost Bear)

CGB 20th Polar Bears.png
Twentieth Polar Bear Attack Cluster
Disbanded 3052 (disbanded)
Nickname The Chilled Death
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear
Parent Command Delta Galaxy


Operation Revival[edit]

The Twentieth Polar Bear Attack Cluster was the only unit with this designation at the start of Operation Revival. It spent the first three waves of the invasion as a garrison force, and was partly blamed for the loss of several garrison units during Wave Two to Inner Sphere guerrilla forces. After the Ghost Bears activated Provisional Garrison Clusters, the Twentieth was reassigned as part of Delta Galaxy's strategic reserve. The fighting on Thessalonika was their first combat operation. They faced off against the conventional vehicles of the 8th Alshain Regulars on the world, and performed admirably.[1]


The Twentieth Attack was trapped by the Twelfth and Ninety-first ComGuard Divisions on the outskirts of the Holth Forest, inflicting heavy damage on the unit. The Twentieth was equipped with mostly light and medium units, while the 91st was filled with heavy and assault class 'Mechs. A mere Trinary of troops were able to escape, and the advance on Luk had to be abandoned. The unit's poor performance led to the Ghost Bear Khans striking the Polar Bear Attack clusters from the rolls and sending the survivors to staff solahma units.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 20th Polar Bear Attack



Composition History[edit]


The Twentieth Polar Bear Attack Cluster was equipped with mostly light and medium Mechs. Though adequate against vehicles, the heavy and assault units of ComStar's 91st Division made short work of them.[1]


The Twentieth is not mentioned as taking part in any part of Operation Revival until Tukayyid. It does not appear in Field Manual: Warden Clans, so presumably it was not rebuilt after the invasion.

Era Report: 3052 explicitly states that the 20th's failure led to all Polar Bear Attack units being disbanded. Survivors of the unit were sent to solahmna units to hunt bandits.[1]


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