25th Heavy Assault Regiment

Reportedly the first Lyran Commonwealth casualty of the First Succession War, the appearance of ghosts of Twenty-Fifth Heavy Assault Regiment are considered a good omen by members of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces.[1]


The legend is based around a real unit, the Twenty-Fifth Heavy Assault Regiment which was stationed on Trolloc Prime, then the limit of the Tamar Pact immediately prior to the outbreak of the First Succession War. Commanded by Colonel Jericho Marsden, one of the last descendants of Lyran Commonwealth founder Alistair Marsden, the Twenty-Fifth disobeyed an order to retreat and instead made a last stand on a high promontory overlooking the planet's capital city. The fercious battle would reportedly last for five day and five nights before the Twenty-Fifth were wiped out by Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery troop, but not before delaying the Draconis Combine force long enough to ensure the orderly withdrawal of the rest of the Lyran troops.[1]

Since then, many LCAF soldiers have claimed to have encountered a specter of one of the Twenty-Fifth's MechWarriors just before embarking on a mission against the Draconis Combine. These ghosts usually appear with their BattleMechs offering a thumbs up gesture as an omen of good luck. Supposedly not one unit has failed a mission after seeing the ghost of the Twenty-Fifth Heavy Assault Regiment.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 25th Heavy Assault Regiment
Colonel Jericho Marsden 2786[1]



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