3rd Federated Suns Armored Cavalry

Fedsun armored cav.png
3rd Federated Suns Armored Cavalry RCT
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation AFFS
Formed 3140


The Third Federated Suns Armored Cavalry is a unit in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns.


The Third FSAC is a newer formation, pulled from personnel from all over the Federated Suns. One of Caleb Davion's attempts to reform the military by transferring soldiers from existing units to form a new command that was highly skilled. However, this has not been the case with the Third as it suffers from many internal conflicts, related from various sub-nationalities to issues with the command staff.[1]

Despite this, the Third FSAC was able to make short work out of the 1st Liao Guards attempt to take Rio, taking few losses as a result. However, after the Third was transferred to Deneb Kaitos to bolster the Terran Corridor, Rio was later taken.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Federated Suns Armored Cavalry
Major General Suresh Adusumalli 3145[2]



Composition History[edit]


3rd Federated Suns Armored Cavalry (Veteran/Questionable)[2]

  • CO: Major General Suresh Adusumalli

3rd Federated Suns Armored Cavalry Aerospace Wing (Regular/Reliable)[2]

3rd Federated Suns Armored Cavalry Armor Regiment (Veteran/Reliable)[2]

  • CO: Colonel Janet Scott

Unit Insignia and Color Scheme[edit]

For ceremonial duties the Third use a simple color scheme of Davion green with yellow highlights.[1]



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