3rd Aerospace (Clan Nova Cat)

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Third Aerospace Cluster
Affiliation Clan Nova Cat
Parent Command


The Battle of Luthien[edit]

The Third Aerospace Cluster provided the fighter screen as the clan forces began their approach run towards Luthien. As they approached the planet the 3rd Aerospace Wing and 7th Aerospace Wing intercepted them. The Third was ordered to draw away defending Clan fighters, clearing the way for the heavier fighters of the Seventh to attack the DropShips. When the Seventh arrived, their heavy Slayer and Stuka fighters found the scattered Clan fighters easy targets, but did not press the attack against the DropShips. During the fighting, a pair of Kurita Shilones, under the command of Tai-i Michael Cannello spotted a crippled Jagatai A and forced it to land at Tsushima. Star Captain Yehud Nova Cat became the first prisoner taken in the Battle of Luthien. [1]

The aerospace engagement marking the opening of the Battle of Luthien was a series of short intense skirmishes. The first engagement by the Combine's 3rd Aerospace Wing lasted less than twenty minutes. A short time later the 7th Aerospace Wing attacked, this more protracted encounter lasting just under an hour. After this the Clans passed beyond the operational ranges of the two DCMS wings and travelled almost unimpeded until they reached the planet. At which point Combine and allied mercenary aerospace forces including the Black Dragons Aerospace Wing stationed on Luthien met the Clan DropShips as they entered the planet's atmosphere, trying to prevent their landing in the Tairakan Plains. This series of engagements left the Third Nova Cat Aerospace Cluster a spent force.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Aerospace





Third Aerospace Cluster[3]

  • Two Fighter Trinaries - (regular)
  • One Fighter Trinary - (veteran)
  • Two DropShip Trinaries - (veteran)

The Third employed a number of OmniFighter models including the Sulla, Turk, Jagatai and Scytha.[4]

DropShips included the Midway and the Richthofen.[5]



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