84th Assault (Clan Fire Mandrill)

Clan Fire Mandrill.jpg
Eighty-fourth Assault Cluster
Disbanded 2872 (Destroyed)
Nickname Stalwarts
Affiliation Clan Fire Mandrill
Parent Command Kindraa Smythe-Jewel


The Eighty-fourth Assault Cluster was a front line cluster of Kindraa Smythe-Jewel.

In 2870 the Kindraa challenged the Hell's Horses for the breeding rights and Elemental technology. Star Colonel William Smythe led the Kindraa force, but used deceptive bidding tactics to give the impression of a much smaller force and won the trial. Kindraa Payne also fought and took the brunt of the Trial of Possession, while the Eighty-fourth Assault Cluster destroyed much of the Seventeenth Mechanized Strike Cluster and walked away with new Elemental breeding protocols as well as Battle Armor samples.[1]

The Hell's Horses earger for revenge arranged for a contract bid to include Clan Coyote in the Hell's Horses trial against the Kindraa. The combined Hell's Horses-Coyote task force descended on the Smythe-Jewel enclave on Foster and challenged them to a Trial in 2872. Star Colonel William Smythe and the Eighty-fourth led the defense. The fighting lasted for 26 hours, Star Colonel Smythe led a flank attack with the Eighty-fourth that killed the commander of the Horse's 666th Mechanized Assault Cluster, but was himself killed during a Coyote counter-attack. At the end of the fighting every Kindraa 'Mech was destroyed and the Cluster wiped out.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 84th Assault Cluster
Star Colonel William Smythe 2780 - 2782[2]



Composition History[edit]


Eighty-fourth Assault Cluster


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