9th Andurien Hussars

Andurien Hussars.jpg
Ninth Andurien Hussars
Formed 2785
Disbanded 2822
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Parent Command Andurien Hussars


First Succession War[edit]

The Ninth Andurien Hussars regiment was founded by the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces in 2785, although the origins of the Ninth lay in a much older command, the Third French Infantry Regiment.[1] The Third French Regiment was an independent regiment within XXXII Corps of the Fourteenth Army;[2] the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces recruited the Third in 2785, and mustered the Ninth Andurien Hussars around some of the personnel from the Third. Others from the Third were assigned to a sister regiment, the Eighth Andurien Hussars, which had also been formed around former SLDF personnel.[1]

In 2822 the Eighth and Ninth Andurien Hussars left the CCAF and formed a new mercenary command, the Dismal Disinherited.[3] The core of the Eighth and Ninth Hussars' desertion lay in their parlous supply state and low morale - problems exacerbated by the pragmatic manner with which Chancellor Ilsa Liao was forced to act towards the many shattered CCAF commands in the inter-war years. With more demands for materiel and personnel than could possibly be met, Ilsa prioritized some units over others; those denied supplies often had to be reined back in by the Capellan security services to keep them in check after they mutinied, but this wasn't enough to prevent the Eighth and Ninth Hussars deserting.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 9th Andurien Hussars



Composition History[edit]


Ninth Andurien Hussars (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[5]

- At this point in time the Ninth was a light-weight regiment operating at full strength and was based on Mosiro.[5]


Ninth Andurien Hussars (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[5]

- At this point in time the Ninth was a light-weight regiment operating at just above one-third strength and was based on Konopiste.[5]


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