Akira Harlowe

Akira Harlowe when Black Widow Company deploys to leave New Delos
Akira Harlowe
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Profession MechWarrior

Akira Harlowe was a member of the Black Widow Company in 3015.[1]


He was a skilled MechWarrior who performed well in combat. Outside of the cockpit, he was a defender of a make love, not war! approach to live. He was known to work well with female MechWarriors considering them friends and equals.

He was attracted by sweet, cute and cuddly woman, which put him in some issues, for example during the Marik Civil War, when he got in a bar fight on New Delos against followers of Anton Marik.[2]

He participated during the combat drop the Black Widow Company made to attack New Delos and capture Anton Marik.[1]

He is not listed as a member of the unit in 3025, and as the assignment of the unit was, with few noted exceptions forced until death, he must have died between 3015 and 3025.[citation needed]


He piloted a Thunderbolt.[1]


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