Alexander Romanov

Portrait of Alexander Romanov in 3068
Alexander Romanov
Also known as "Sandy"
Born 3015
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Bounty Hunter
Profession MechWarrior

Alexander Romanov was member of the Bounty Hunter team in 3068.[1]


He was born in Ovan on 3015.

He started as a scout in the youth auxiliary of a Capellan planetary militia and felt humiliated by his realm's crushing defeat in the Fourth Succession War even though he never saw combat on it.

He joined the CCAF with so exceptional test scores that guaranteed him a MechWarrior's slot in Romano Liao's rebuilding military.

He participated in the conflict against the Duchy of Andurien and the Magistracy of Canopus as a junior MechWarrior, but the insane paranoia of the Romano Chancellery years drove him to the mercenary trade.

Dispossessed because of this, he had to start as a vehicle gunner, finally recovering his MechWarrior status when he brought down an enemy 'Mech in salvageable condition and appealed to claim his kill. During his career he suffered severe burns to his arms that necessitated the use of myomer prosthetics to replace both of them from the elbow down, but the prosthetics are of such exceptional quality that they are virtually indistinguishable from real muscle. He was in the employ of various mercenary commands and was able to keep a very low profile even though being rated as one of the greatest aces in the Inner Sphere.

Those qualities led Vic Travers to hire him, and under his command he became the team's anchor while in a 'Mech, and a direct action specialist to back-up the team when outside of it.[1]


He pilots a customized SHD-5H Shadow Hawk Sandy.[1]


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