BattleTech Dossiers: The Bounty Hunter

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BattleTech Dossiers: The Bounty Hunter
Product information
Type Sourcebook (PDF)
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Primary writing Mike Miller,
Paul Sjardijn
Pages 31
Cover Artwork Ray Arrastia (Design & Layout)
Brent Evans (Art Direction)
Interior Artwork Ray Arrastia (Miniature Painting & Photography)
Ray Arrastia, Joel Bancroft-Connors, Johannes Heidler (Unit Design & Record Sheets)
Illustrations Ray Arrastia
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35LP02A
First published October 17th, 2012
MSRP $5.99
Era Jihad
Series BattleTech Dossier PDFs


BattleTech Dossiers: The Bounty Hunter is the PDF web exclusive CGL & BattleCorps' product which combines A Time of War RPG elements with Total Warfare gameplay in a mini-campaign/scenario pack series known as a Lance Pack dossier.

Publisher's Product Description[edit]

Heroes, patriots, soldiers, freedom fighters. The universe is full of them, and every realm and military force—from the mightiest Successor State to the humblest mercenary band—has its share. Feared across the Inner Sphere, the enigmatic Bounty Hunter and his lance of MechWarriors prowl the battlefields of the universe for the most dangerous of prey. Their deadly calling has carried on for generations, and even the dawning years of the Jihad were no exception.

Dossiers: The Bounty Hunter Lance describes the notable MechWarriors who served alongside the Bounty Hunter during the early Jihad era, highlighting the abilities of these warriors and their machines, both on and off the battlefields of the 31st century. This Lance Pack dossier file provides players with the background and descriptions of all four members of the Hunter's lance and a micro-campaign based on their Jihad exploits, complete with character and BattleMech record sheets suitable for play with Total Warfare and A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG.


  • Subject: The Bounty Hunter
  • Credits
  • How to use this PDF
  • Indirect Acquisition (short story)
  • History
  • Unit Profile
  • Missions
  • Don't Make It Personal
  • I Have A Question
  • Means To An End
  • GM - Only Section
  • You'll Accept My Offer
  • A Time of War Character Sheets
  • Record Sheets


  • Unlike other sourcebooks, BattleTech Dossiers: The Bounty Hunter lacks an explicit table of contents. The list shown here was assembled from page headings.
  • This product is only published as a PDF.