Angela Marston

Angela Marston
Also known as "Tempest"
Affiliation Team Bad Bloods
Profession Arena Gladiator
Siblings Bart Marston

Angela Marston, known as Tempest, was a MechWarrior fighting with her brother in team fights on Solaris.[1]

History & Tactics[edit]

Angela Marston created Team Bad Bloods with her brother and started fighting in team matches in the Reaches arenas. They had fought and won twelve matches when they got their first fight in one of the big five arenas of Solaris City.

The fight was in the Steiner Stadium against Team Mavericks, fully sold seats and with local coverage. The Team repaired their 'Mechs and invested the rest of the money on a bet for their win. Unfortunately for them the fight, scheduled on 26 May 3027, was the same day as the famous Phillip Capet vs Justin Xiang match at Ishiyama. That was a killer for their future as nearly nobody finally came to their match and all the betting was minimal, making the possible incomes from the match close to zero.

As per the fight, Team Bad Bloods won. Angela Marston encountered early in the fight Jason Yasbek in his Enforcer and was downed down by him.[2] . She had to wait there until her brother Bart Marston was finally able to down both their rivals.

That was the last fight of the stables: the lucky thirteenth win, was also their last. The Team dissolved and they left Solaris.[1]

Twenty-Five years later, on 3052, an interview with Bart Marston was published as part of Hard Luck Stories of Solaris VII, Volume Ten explaining their experiences on that match and pointed that his sister Angela Marston was already dead at that time.[1]

Nothing is known of their actions during those period.[citation needed]


Angela Marston was an Elite MechWarrior.[2]


During her career Angela Marston piloted a Jenner.[1]


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