First Strike

This article is about the scenario pack. For the anthology, see First Strike (anthology).
First Strike Cover.jpg
First Strike
Product information
Type Scenario Pack
Author Bryan Nystul
(Material adapted from Tukayyid by Jeffrey Layton)
Development Bryan Nystul
Randall N. Bills (development assistance)
Pages 66
Cover artwork Tom Baxa (art)
John Bridegroom (design)
Illustrations Joel Biske
Jeff Laubenstein
Jim Nelson
Mike Nielsen
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1697
First published 1996
ISBN-10 1555602835
MSRP $12.00
Era Various


First Strike is a scenario pack released in 1996. It describes basic game concepts and rules for BattleTech and CityTech, contains 10 stand-alone scenarios, a mini-campaign with 3 scenarios, a simplified rule set for creating own scenarios and some information on new mech/vehicle designs. First Strike was primarily designed to provide vital orientation on game concepts and world design for players new to BattleTech Universe.

Still in 1996 a virtually identical german edition under the title Erstschlag was released by FanPro.

From the back cover[edit]

"All troops, into your 'Mechs! This is not a drill-repeat, this is not a drill!"

First Strike is a unique BattleTech game supplement created especially for players new to the game. It features thirteen ready-to-play scenarios that require only the contents of the boxed game to play: nine Scenarios for BattleTech, Fourth Edition, including a 3-part mini-campaign; three scenarios for CityTech, Second Edition, featuring battles from the Clan invasion; and one huge scenario that combines them both in a titanic struggle for survival! New players and old hands alike can also create an endless variety of original scenarios with the new scenario-creation system. Extensive sections on tactics offer players of all skill levels new insights into BattleTech and CityTech gaming strategies. First Strike! also includes new armored vehicles and OmniMech configurations for use with CityTech.


    • Welcome to First Strike!
    • What is a Scenario
    • How to Use the Scenario
    • General Scenario Rules
      • Terminology
      • Number of Players
      • Set-up
      • Movement and Retreat
      • Ending the Game
    • Modifying the Scenarios
      • Forces
      • Deployment
      • Mapsheets
      • Advanced Rules
    • Military Units
    • BattleTech Tactics
      • Initiative
      • Movement
      • Reaction
      • Weapon Attacks
      • Physical Attacks
    • BattleTech Forces
      • Scouts
      • Strikers
      • Skirmishers
      • Brawlers
      • Missile Boats
      • Snipers
      • Juggernauts
    • Scenario 1: Showdown
    • Scenario 2: Behind Enemy Lines
    • Scenario 3: Divided We Fall
    • Scenario 4: In the Champion's Shadow
    • Scenario 5: Dead Man's Hand
    • Scenario 6: Last Stand
    • Mini-Campaign: Descent into Darkness
      • The Campaign
      • The Forces
      • Special Rules
      • Victory Conditions
    • Scenario 7: The River Styk
    • Scenario 8: Purgatory
    • Scenario 9: Abandon Hope...
    • CityTech Tactics
      • Buildings
      • Non-Mech Forces
      • Special Case Rules
      • The Clans
    • CityTech Forces
      • Inner Sphere Forces
      • Clan Forces
    • Clan Honor
      • Game Use
    • Scenario 10: Bear Trap
    • Scenario 11: Hot Time in the Old Town
    • Scenario 12: Infantry Blues
    • Scenario 13: Vengeance of the Dragon
    • General Rules
      • Number of Players
      • Set-Up
      • Movement and Retreat
      • Ending the Game
      • Determining Victory
    • Types of Scenarios
      • Stand-up Fight
      • Hidde and Seek
      • Hold the Line
      • Extraction
      • Break Through
      • The Chase
    • Terrain
      • Number of Mapsheets
      • Choosing and Placing Mapsheets
      • Buildings
    • Unit Generation
      • Random Dice Rolls
      • Point System
    • Setting the Stage
      • Major Wars for BATTLETECH
      • Major Wars for CITYTECH
    • OmniMech S Configurations
      • Overview
    • New Vehicles
      • Heavy Armored Personnel Carriers
      • Myrmidon Medium Tank

German Edition[edit]

Product information
Language german
Contribution Ariane Lucke (Translation), Hartwig Nieder-Gassel, Susanne Lork, Dietrich Limper (Edition), Doris Heinzmann, Frank Lenzer (Editorial Office), Frank Werschke (Unit Sheet Design)
Pages 72
Publication information
Publisher Fantasy Productions
First published 1996
ISBN-10 3890649386
ISBN-13 978-3890649382
MSRP 24,80 DM, 23,00 SFr, 180,- ÖS

The German edition of the scenario pack was released by Fantasy Productions in 1996 and is merely identical to the original release. The German version is printed as DIN A4, a standard European paper size, which is a little larger then North American Letter.

Spelling and Names[edit]

As with other German products prior to 1997 spelling and names (especially places and units) as well as most abbreviations were regularly adjusted. For instance the Mech unit Archer was renamed to Schütze, the Planet Gotterdammerung was respelled to Götterdämmerung, the DCMS (Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery) became VSDK (Vereinigte Streitkräfte des Draconis Kombinats) and so on.