BattleTech, Fourth Edition

This article is about one specific product. For the series of game boxes that served as the core BattleTech product, and its iterations over time, see BattleTech boxed set.
BattleTech Fourth Edition
Product information
Type Core Game Set
Development Bryan Nystul
Primary writing Jordan K. Weisman
Sam Lewis
L. Ross Babcock III
Pages 48 + 32
Cover Artwork Tom Baxa
Illustrations Doug Anderson
Mike Jackson
Chris Moeller
Peter Bergting
Jeff Laubenstein
Joel Biske
Jim Nelson
Mike Nielsen
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1604
First published 1996
ISBN-10 1-55560-309-2
MSRP $25.00
Era Succession Wars era
Preceded by BattleTech, Third Edition
Followed by Classic BattleTech Boxed Set


BattleTech Fourth Edition is the fourth generation BattleTech starter box and contains everything that is needed for play.

From the back cover[edit]


Strap yourself into the ultimate suit of armor-the BattleMech. Thirty feet tall and weighing up to a hundred tons, this humanoid engine of destruction is a walking arsenal with enough firepower to level a city block. The BattleTech game system takes you into the world of the 31st century, where war has become a way of life as vast empires and tiny factions battle for control of humankind. In command of the most powerful machine on the battlefield, your MechWarrior fights to take a planet or lose an empire.

The introductory game in the BattleTech line, BattleTech Fourth Edition hurdles you onto the battlefield of 3049.


  • 48 full-color stand-up playing pieces representing 24 of the most common BattleMechs used in the Inner Sphere
  • Two 22"x27" full-color mapsheets
  • Introduction to BattleTech, a 32-page full-color book containing Quick-Start Rules, BattleTech background, and BattleMech technical data
  • One 48-page rulebook
  • One 32-page book of pregenerated BattleMech Record Sheets
  • One sheet of 144 full-color unit insignia stickers
  • Two six-sided dice



The appearance of most of the 24 BattleMechs, which were included in this product as stand-up playing pieces, differed slightly from the original art of Technical Readout: 3025. They were redesigned for this box to give them a modern, more elegant look. However, their official art did not change with this.

Foreign-Language Editions[edit]


A Czech edition was published by ALTAR Publishing in 1996 as Battletech Souboj obrú v 31 století.


A German edition was published by Fantasy Productions in 1997 as BattleTech: Kampfkolosse des 4. Jahrtausends, 4. edition.


An Italian edition was published by Nexus Editrice and I Giochi dei Grandi in 1997 as Battletech: Il Gioco dei Combattimenti Corazzati, Quarta Edizone.


A Portuguese edition was published by Devir as BattleTech: Combates Titânicos No Século 31.


Stand-up Playing Pieces[edit]