Angela Torres

Angela Torres
Affiliation Seventeenth Recon Regiment
Profession MechWarrior


Angela "Vanity" Torres was one of those who served in the Seventeenth Recon Regiment, also known as Camacho's Caballeros, and was one of those on active duty with the Caballeros in 3056 when they were employed by Chandrasekhar Kurita to provide security for one of his companies, Hachiman Taro Enterprises. Torres was a Captain at the time, commanding Frontera Company, under the command of Force Commander Force Commander Rabbi Maccabee Bar-Kochba.[1]

Within the senior ranks and leaders of the Caballeros, Torres wasn't particularly well regarded by Captain Kali "Lady K" MacDougall or Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassie "Abtakha" Suthorn,[1] and when Force Commander Gavilán Camacho and others questioned the fitness of Colonel Carlos "Tiburon" Camacho to continue commanding the regiment after the terrorist attack on the 15th of October 3056, Torres was one of those who argued that Don Carlos was unfit for duty.[2]


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